Curvy Girl
Helping Plus Size Women Become Curvy & Fit
Curvy Girls Everywhere

Preserve The Curves is the beginning of a new way of looking at curves.  We
believe that just because a woman is curvy doesn't mean that she can't be fit, and
just because a woman is fit that doesn't mean that  she can't also be curvy. Here at
Preserve The Curves we are committed to uplifting, inspiring and motivating
women of size to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.   Society
would have us believe that thinner  is better, but we do not feel the same.  We
advocate for women of size to learn to respect their bodies, appreciate their
curves and learn their worthiness.  We fight against the stereotypes by
empowering women of size to live curvy and fit.

                         Preserve the Curves is redefining
                              what it means to be Curvy!

We motivate our members and our members help motivate each other to eat
healthy, exercise and love themselves as they are,
Curvy & Fit!
Preserve the Curves celebrates women who are dedicated to
living this lifestyle.  Check out our Curvy Cutie of the Month!